★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Shop 1, 43-47 Brisbane Road Newtown, Queensland) “Simplistic Italian R...

★ ★ ★  (Royal on the Park – 152 Alice Street, Brisbane City) “Modern Australian ...

★ ★ ★  (3539 – 3565 Pacific Highway Logan Central) “Quick Bite Swedish Eats̶...

Take it from me …. These are the Top 5 places that you need to go with your family for a positive culinary experience that you will not be disappointed in.

Sharing food experiences from a teenager’s perspective is what my web site is all about.  The following people have offered a suggestion as to where Moo should dine through the ‘Contact Moo’ page.  Watch my review page to see what I thought of the food outlets they have suggested.

If YOU have a suggestion, PLEASE make sure you go to our Contact Moo page and let me know. I am really looking forward to hearing your food stories, so we can share these with fellow teenagers and make our food experiences worthwhile and meaningful.

Where can you eat in South East Brisbane that’s both a positive culinary experience for parents and a good place for us teenagers? That’s the question I have been asking myself over and over, every time as I am dragged out for yet another family outing with my parents.

Looking at this question, I went in search of a solution as to how I could guide my parents to places to eat, that will provide an appropriate and interesting place for us all to dine and relax in together as we create family memories.  The only problem was that I could not find a single source that could assist me with this….. then …. all of a sudden it clicked …. Why should I not be the one that solves this problem for teenagers once and for all !

Welcome to Moo’s Reviews

Have you ever been dragged out by your parents to a restaurant and not enjoyed the experience?


Would you prefer to be informed or perhaps have the armour to suggest to your parents suitable places where the family should go for a meal?

Well combining my passion for critiquing and eating good food, plus dining out with my family and friends, this website will review the latest restaurants and food outlets initially in areas South East of Brisbane, which will detail each mouth-watering mouthful I take relating to the food served, its presentation, plus the customer service and ambience of the restaurant.

With this web site I intend to provide advice to teenagers and their parents regarding places to eat that will provide a positive culinary experience for all ages.