About Moo

Moo – Your Teenage Food Critique creating a positive culinary experience for all ages !

Where can you eat in South East Brisbane that’s both a positive culinary experience for parents and a good place for us teenagers? That’s the question I have been asking myself over and over, every time as I am dragged out for yet another family outing with my parents.

Looking at this question, I went in search of a solution as to how I could guide my parents to places to eat, that will provide an appropriate and interesting place for us all to dine and relax in together as we create family memories.  The only problem was that I could not find a single source that could assist me with this….. then …. all of a sudden it clicked …. Why should I not be the one that solves this problem for teenagers once and for all !

But why me … I am only an everyday teenager from a great suburban family, that … YES … does enjoy good food, and does underneath enjoy going out with my family, but … am keen to make each of these family food experiences more enjoyable.  So I thought ‘Why Not’ … If I share my experiences with my teenage followers, I will be providing advice to help other families enjoy their food outings as well.  I think I just hit HERO status 🙂

So … now here’s the deal … my reviews on this web site will come from a teenager’s perspective, which means that I will not be reviewing just the top posh restaurants; I will also be reviewing food outlets that sport plastic table cloths and plastic chairs that serve good food.  Basically any place that serves food ranging from dumplings and sweet potato pancakes thru to Lobster Rolls and Caviar, in locations such as the corner bakery to a 5 star fin dining restaurant.

The food outlet landscape is always changing in South East Brisbane, so please keep checking back often or join my facebook group for updates, as I intend to try all the new food outlets that are opening up around town that will be worth a visit from you and your families.

I am so looking forward to getting into this project and sharing my experiences with you as you follow my journey.

Matthew (Moo) Lockett