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(Shop 5, 220 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane)

“Yakitori Japanese Cuisine”

After a long day of homework on a Saturday (Yes I do do homework on the weekends), I had worked up an appetite for a good family eat out!  So I went to Dad to discuss the possibility, we did a bit of hunting on the web for something new to try and we came up with ‘Birds Nest at South Brisbane so we could try ‘Yakitori’ style Japanese Cuisine.

On arriving it was very noticeable that the restaurant was extremely busy, in fact a bit too busy I thought for a pleasant dining experience.  The restaurant inside was quiet small, but our booking was on a high table with very uncomfortable and squeezed in stools out on the very uneven footpath on the busy Melbourne Street (I suppose that is what you get for booking last minute 🙁 )  This made for a very unperson-able dining experience with so many people walking and driving past.

Nevertheless, we came here for the food experience and it was an experience we had!  ‘Yakitori’ is a Japanese way of skewering meat with a Kushi (a type of skewer, most typically made of  bamboo) which is then grilled over a charcoal fire.  I mean who does not like a good kebab!

To try the full experience our family decided to do the ‘Omakase’ Banquet, which at $38 per person didn’t seem unreasonable for a seven course try of delicious Japanese foods that I had never tried before.  This included Chicken Broth and Amuse Bouche to start off with, plus a Tradition Sake for Mum & Dad and a Japanese ice tea for us kids.  None of these were anything to really write home about.  Main Course was Rice and a very obscure Japanese Salad, which were served with a selection of skewers and we could choose 8 different types of skewers!!  The waiter let us choose 4 and said she would come back half way for the selection of the other 4 skewers.  We tried

Holey Moley! We felt like they just kept on coming when they arrived.  Their most popular skewer was the Sasami (Sizzling Chicken Tenderloin served with a drip of Wasabi Mayo (HOT but divine).  LOVED these, but there was not enough so we of course ordered more in the second tasting.  Infact most of the menu was Chicken Skewers served so many different ways so we decided to experience them all, including Chicken Hearts, Tails, Feet and anything else they could pluck from the chickens and put on a skewer.  We also tried the skewered Pork Belly served with Japanese Mustard.  Now this was my favourite as it seemed more melt in the mouth and slipped off the skewer much easier.  It felt like the skewers just kept on coming, trust me the meal at only $38 per person was really good value.

So even after all the skewers, we just had to try a Japanese Dessert, after all there is always room for dessert :).  You could choose from Sesame Panna Cotta, Green Tea Ice Cream or a Citrus Sorbet.  I chose the Green Tea Ice Cream and true to form this was not a sweet desert and probably not something I would have again, but it did find a nice spot in my belly to settle my belly down after a tasty food experience.

Would I go here again with my family?  Well apart from having to sit on the footpath and fight my brother for the last skewers, YES I would love to share another food experience here with my family, but next time inside the restaurant! (There is a tip there folks – book early to get a table inside if you choose to go to the Birds Nest).


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