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(36 Caxton Street, Petrie Terrace QLD)


Mum & Dad felt like it was time we went out for a family dinner and they wanted to take us somewhere special to celebrate some great report cards (OK only my report card, my brother needs to shape up).  This restaurant is quoted as being ‘Australia’s Best Steak Restaurant’ so I was hoping for a treat that fit the reason we were celebrating.  And so it did !!!

Upon walking towards the door, one of the waiters aced to open the door for us and said ‘It is wonderful to have the pleasure of your company this evening’.  I could see that this on its own made my Mum week at the knees, with a feeling that something special was happening tonight.

It was only a little restaurant, which Dad said had an intimate atmosphere and I tended to agree, but it had these amazing and on theme Salt & Pepper Shakers on each table which took the in out of intimate, to almost transform it to a ‘rodeo’ type feeling.  Yea Ha!

Drinks were ordered before we knew it.  I love when you don’t have to wait long for attention and drinks of course.

We were recommended to try Pork Belly as a share plate for entre, so of course we did.  IT WAS AMAZE BALLS !!!!!!!! I so wanted another plate for Main Meal.  It was so mouth watering and dancing on my tongue with every bite.

For mains coming to Australia’s Best Steak Restaurant I would order a steak, but I ordered duck instead just to see how good they were at other delicacies.  There was a method in my madness though as I knew there would be left over steak from the rest of my family’s meals, so I would get the best of both delicacies.  The duck was cooked just perfect.  Nice and pink on the inside, moist and tender.  Nothing to disappoint there.  I did sample some of my brothers T-Bone and it was delightful as well.  The meats were served with nothing other than sauce and 2 slices of roasted potatoe, but to be honest that was all that was needed.

Would I go here again with my family ? The answer is a simple YES!  We had no room for a desert after the feast of steak and duck, so we went for a walk around the Caxton Street Precinct and later grabbed a MovinPick Ice Cream on our way home instead.

Lovely evening with my wonderful family.


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