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(Plaza Level, Eagle Street Pier, Shop 5, Brisbane City)


This place is quoted as being ‘Queensland’s Best Steak Restaurant’ so I begged Mum & Dad to take the family there for my birthday recently.

When we were seated a waiter quickly came out to get out drinks order, followed by another waiter with a wooden board with all the different steak cuts which could be enjoyed.  They ranged in price from $48 to $110 – and that was only for 1 piece of meat.  Talk about pricey!!!

I do love a good steak, so I was hanging out for something special.  My family ordered Eye Fillets and T-Bones, but had been eyeing off trying the ultimate RIB-EYE ON THE BONE cooked well done.  At $74 for my steak alone I was salivating at the thought of what was going to be dancing on my tongue.

On top of the price of the steak you then also had to order side dishes as well like mashed potatoe, beans, etc … all the things to make a meal to go with the meat.

Then our orders arrived.  My first cut into my ordered well done steak would have been good if I was Dracula as it was dripping in blood – disappointing.  The waiter said that the chef prefers them cooked that way otherwise it would have ruined the taste.  Well, this was my meal and not the chef’s so I asked for it to be sent back and cooked a little longer.  When it came back it was still not well done, but nevertheless it was tasty.  It was so big however that it was just simply too much for anyone to eat, let alone a 14 year old.  Now that I think about it we probably should not have ordered the side dishes, but the meat would have been so bland on their own without a mouth full from a side dish.

DEFINITELY NO ROOM FOR DESERT !!! Even though there were a few tempting selections that I could have chosen.

The only positive I got from the evening – apart from the fact that it was my birthday was with the restaurant located in the city, there was plenty of things to do as a family afterwards.  Especially in this area where you can go for a leisurely walk along the Brisbane River and enjoy each others company as a family.  A family that does not now need to eat for an entire month after what we ate tonight.

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