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(30 Guide Street Jamboree Heights, Queensland)

“Divine Patisserie and Coffee Shop – You will thank me for the experience after you go”

OK now this one was Mum’s suggestion. She said ‘Moo … you MUST go (with an emphasis on MUST) to this little patisserie with me for morning tea – I promise you will not be disappointed’. As I always do what I am told (lol), I followed her lead and suggestion, on the promise of a food experience that needed to be experienced 

I felt like we were driving forever to get there from Daisy Hill, to the point that I felt myself ask Mum … ‘Are we there yet ?’

Unless you knew where you were going this patisserie would not have been found, as it was tucked away in a suburban street. Not particularly appealing from the outside, but when we stepped inside, whilst small … it was rather exquisite.

Everything was mini – mini key lime pies, macaroons, cheesecakes, carrot cakes, caramel tarts, mousse and the list goes on. Although all bite size, I savored every mouthful of these delightful patisseries, so much so that we just had to take a box home to sample after our sampling 

The experience was worth the drive, so get your parents to take you there. The only downside to this place is that it is only open during the week or on Saturday Morning 7:30am to 12:30pm, making it hard to time your visit if you have school, school sport or other activities on on Saturday mornings, but regardless work this place into your timetable … IT IS SO WORTH IT !! Shout Mum a coffee while you are there as well for some brownie points.

We spoke to the staff about it being tucked so far out of passers by sight , but she said that they didnt need to advertise as they get significnat business by word of mouth – as I am also providing them with right now.



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