(Entertainment Precinct, Logan HyperDome)

“Yum Cha Style Chinese Cuisine”

On a lazy Sunday, my Mum & Dad decided to drag Sam & I out for lunch at the Logan Hyperdome. Thinking about all the homework I had to do, I was hesitant to go, but I was fanging for a good feed, so YES they dragged me away from my desk and to my surprise I was delighted where we ended up.

Yum Cha Cuisine had only just opened at the Logan Hyperdome in Logan, Australia. We had not intended to go there, but the staff were keen to entice us in with a sample taste try at first and after rapping our mouths around that tasty morsel, we just had t sit down for a full serving or three.

With dishes ranging from $4.80 to $8.80 including delicacies such as Dumplings (Fried or steamed), Spring Rolls of every type, Prawn Cutlets, steamed buns … have I got your mouth watering yet … BBQ Pork Spare Ribs, Satay Sticks, etc … the list goes on and on – there is sure to be something for everyone on this menu. The food was that nice as soon as the plate hit the table (as fast as flinging frisbee’s at us) between the four of us in the family …. it was gone!!! … This being the reason I only got to take one photo of the food we ate and even that photo only has 2 of the four dumplings that were served. So So Good !!

Being located in the center of the entertainment precinct of the Logan Hyperdome, there is always something on the big screen for us teenagers to watch and keep us entertained, while the family has a nice meal together 

Overall, this new restaurant was a surprise addition to our family favorites. If you do get dragged out by your family to Yum Cha Cuisine, make sure you try the Honey Chicken, being my personal favorite – I promise you will not be disappointed.

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